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Up until now I think Zach and I have been pretty encouraging and positive when we blog, but there is just some things that I want to get off my chest. I may be just a little cranky because the whole 30 started this week, but I think I’m just a little fed up with people too.

So doing the whole 30 challenge is hard enough without any pressures from your friends, peers or coworkers because you are completely eliminating all sugar, any extra snacking and portion controlling your meals. I am in Indianapolis for work this week and some of my coworkers invited me out for dinner tonight. Since I don’t get to see these people all that much and I enjoy spending time with them, I agreed to go. They know that I “diet” but don’t know anything about it, so they were trying to be nice and accommodate me. They told me about this place called season 52 which all of their meals are under 475 calories. I thought it was great that they thought about me, even though I’m never one to count calories or even think about it. I looked up their menu and it seemed to be pretty paleo friendly. So I decided we should check it out. When we got there, the 3 of them ordered drinks and then when the the bartender got to me, I ordered a water. Of course I got questions about why I wasn’t drinking and I told them that I just didn’t feel like it (not wanting to go into the details of the 30 day challenge). They kind of gave me shit for not drinking and I brushed it off… No big deal. When we finally got our table they ordered a few appetizers to share and again made comments about how I am always dieting or can’t eat bread. I told them that I didn’t eat those kind of things because thy didn’t make me feel good. They made remarks like ” that doesn’t sound like any fun” and “you can’t eat this because it has too much carbs!” It was so annoying and I really wanted to tell them off.

I am getting so frustrated when people criticize me for not eating or drinking the way they do. There is so much pressure from everyone to eat like dog shit and drink. I am not judging them for eating their fucking risotto or potatoes or making them feel bad for eating it. I think that is why it is so hard to stick to a diet or change your lifestyle, because the pressure and the guilt. I don’t care how other people eat, but don’t try and make me feel bad because you could never make the changes I have made. I will never, ever judge anyone for their eating habits, especially if they are trying to be healthier and improve their lifestyle.

I am sorry I just vented, but people shouldn’t judge the paleo diet or whole 30. I told my coworkers before we parted that the reason that I do this and eat this way is because I have never felt better than this in my life. It is hard to explain it, but don’t judge until you have tried it and you know how it feels.

I promise I won’t bitch on my next post! Tata!