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Up until now I think Zach and I have been pretty encouraging and positive when we blog, but there is just some things that I want to get off my chest. I may be just a little cranky because the whole 30 started this week, but I think I’m just a little fed up with people too.

So doing the whole 30 challenge is hard enough without any pressures from your friends, peers or coworkers because you are completely eliminating all sugar, any extra snacking and portion controlling your meals. I am in Indianapolis for work this week and some of my coworkers invited me out for dinner tonight. Since I don’t get to see these people all that much and I enjoy spending time with them, I agreed to go. They know that I “diet” but don’t know anything about it, so they were trying to be nice and accommodate me. They told me about this place called season 52 which all of their meals are under 475 calories. I thought it was great that they thought about me, even though I’m never one to count calories or even think about it. I looked up their menu and it seemed to be pretty paleo friendly. So I decided we should check it out. When we got there, the 3 of them ordered drinks and then when the the bartender got to me, I ordered a water. Of course I got questions about why I wasn’t drinking and I told them that I just didn’t feel like it (not wanting to go into the details of the 30 day challenge). They kind of gave me shit for not drinking and I brushed it off… No big deal. When we finally got our table they ordered a few appetizers to share and again made comments about how I am always dieting or can’t eat bread. I told them that I didn’t eat those kind of things because thy didn’t make me feel good. They made remarks like ” that doesn’t sound like any fun” and “you can’t eat this because it has too much carbs!” It was so annoying and I really wanted to tell them off.

I am getting so frustrated when people criticize me for not eating or drinking the way they do. There is so much pressure from everyone to eat like dog shit and drink. I am not judging them for eating their fucking risotto or potatoes or making them feel bad for eating it. I think that is why it is so hard to stick to a diet or change your lifestyle, because the pressure and the guilt. I don’t care how other people eat, but don’t try and make me feel bad because you could never make the changes I have made. I will never, ever judge anyone for their eating habits, especially if they are trying to be healthier and improve their lifestyle.

I am sorry I just vented, but people shouldn’t judge the paleo diet or whole 30. I told my coworkers before we parted that the reason that I do this and eat this way is because I have never felt better than this in my life. It is hard to explain it, but don’t judge until you have tried it and you know how it feels.

I promise I won’t bitch on my next post! Tata!


Warm Meal for a Cold Spring Day

Hey everyone. Yet again, it has been another very busy week for Joelle and I but we have managed to make it through completely unscathed from our Paleo routine. I am officially on spring break!! I am very excited about this. For this one week I actually don’t have to pack all of my meals. I can just make them at home and eat at home. When you are full blown Paleo, it is a luxury not to have to pack every meal for the day. Is it sad that I am looking forward to that? Also, our plastic to-go containers will get a rest this week,lol. Wow, I am even talking about our to-go containers like they are human. Today I was chopping all of our veggies for the week and I was like “wow, why do we have so many containers available?”. Well, it is because I won’t be using them this week. Also, if you didn’t know Joelle has been doing some traveling this week. She spent two days in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, for a work conference. I felt so bad for her. She was running me through her day and what she was able to eat, it sounded terrible. For breakfast one morning all she had available were some grapes and a banana. She had to run on that until lunch time, so from 6:30AM to 12:30PM all she ate was some grapes and a banana. I told her I wanted to drive up there and bring her a meal. If you have been following our blog at all you know that food is our number one priority. It is literally all Joelle and I think about. Also, Joelle does not have as much patience as I do when it comes time in between meals. Sometimes Joelle gets hungry 2 hours after she eats. I don’t understand it but hey, whatever. For one of her lunches in Michigan they had sandwich wraps catered in, so she had to take the meat and veggies out of the inside of the wrap and eat that. I am sure some people were giving some odd looks but little do they know what that wrap is doing to there body. Oh and while Joelle was in Michigan we faced time for the first time!! Huge step in our relationship, lol. But really what a great invention, it was really nice to see her because I really missed her. While we were face timing I was eating dinner and I felt bad about that too. I was stuffing my face with our awesome Paleo food while she had struggled all day to find anything to eat. After Michicagn Joelle flew to Nashville. She is there for the weekend with a friend from work. She already told me she got a full Paleo meal at a little cafe they went to. She got rotisserie chicken with a curry sauce, side salad and mashed sweet potatoes with coconut shavings. That sounds like a pretty awesome Paleo meal. She was so pumped too. That is probably been here first full Paleo meal since Wednesday. For those of you that follow the blog you know that on Monday March 24th Joelle is starting her second Whole 30 challenge. This time she wants people to join her. She told me she already has seven people that are going to do it with her. I think that is awesome, there is nothing better than doing a challenge with other like minded people. It almost becomes like a support group.
So, with Joelle gone this weekend where am I going on my Paleo endeavors? Well, tonight I am making a pot of beef chipotle chocolate chili. Yes I said chocolate! This recipe is from Paleo OMG (http://paleomg.com/elk-chipotle-chocolate-chili/). Normally by this time of year I wouldn’t really be looking forward to chili but with it still being so cold out this will be a perfect meal for tonight. Really the best part about making a pot of chili is there are always leftovers. In the recipe it calls for elk but I am using ground beef tonight. My inspiration for this came from a small pumpkin that Joelle’s mom had given us. She wasn’t going to use it so of course we took it. This recipe calls for cubed pumpkin in it. I am also going to throw some cubed butternut squash in there to add some extra carbs. As for Sunday morning, I will be making those lovely sweet potato apple cinnamon pancakes that I had made last Sunday for the first time. These pancakes might become my Sunday staple. For those of you that don’t know me I used to call Sundays “pancake Sundays” because I would make these protein pancakes every Sunday. A while back when we went 100% Paleo I got rid of those. Now with the discovery of these lovely Paleo pancakes I might just have to make the return of “pancake Sundays”. They are very simple to make. All they call for is mashed sweet potato (which we always have on hand in our house), grated apple, 1 egg, cinnamon, salt and arrowroot powder. Mix it all up together and make pancakes. I will also be putting some almond butter in between these hot cakes to add a little extra goodness to them.
I have to get back into the kitchen. Time to make some chili. I will post tomorrow and let you know how it turned out, along with some pictures.

Paleo Emergency!!

I just have to tell all you guys about a little Paleo emergency that I experienced yesterday. As some of you may know I am “Zone/Paleo”. This means I follow a zone diet (all of my meals have to be balanced with carbs, protein and fats) and all my food sources are Paleo. So yesterday I get to my lunch period at school and I sit down to eat my normal salad. My source of protein in my salad is chicken. As I am forking through my salad I start to notice I have not had a single bite of chicken yet. Then it occurs to me that I forgot to put chicken in this salad. On Sundays I make all my snacks and lunches for Monday through Thursday. My beginning of the week is extremely crunched for time and this saves me a lot on the back end. Well as we were prepping on Sunday we ran short on chicken. I knew this and on Monday I grilled up extra chicken breast. I forgot one thing though, to add the chicken to the salad. So, what did I do…. I grabbed my salad, my wallet and my car keys and hit the road. There is a Culver’s near my school. I thought they have to have a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu. I ordered a grilled chicken breast plain with no bun. The girl thought I was crazy and asked, “you just want it plain?” After waiting 5-7 minutes I got a plain chicken breast and cut it up and dumped it into my salad. Whew, that was a close call.



100% Irish Full

Oh what a food weekend it was for Joelle and I. Sometimes I think we have the best food weekends when we really don’t plan anything. We knew on Sunday that we would be having corn beef and cabbage in honor of St. Patrick. As mentioned in our last post we got the recipe from “Against All Grain”. We got it off the website. It did take some preparation four days in advance. We had to brine the corn beef but let me tell you, it was well worth it. We also boiled some carrots, parsnips and turnips then stirred them with ghee, salt, pepper and thyme. So simple but went perfect with the corn beef and cabbage. Best part about all of this is we made very large serving of all this and we had plenty of leftovers which is always a good thing.

So dinner was set for Sunday but what about breakfast. Joelle and I finally had a Sunday morning that we could take slow. Usually we are always being rushed and have something to do. This Sunday we slept in (until 7:30am), got up and got the corn beef in the crockpot, got some coffee going, and then started to make a great breakfast. We had a rutabaga and we wanted to make skillets. We turned the rutabaga into hash browns with some onion and bacon in them. We made some eggs over medium to place on top of the rutabaga hash.

No Sunday breakfast would be complete without some pancakes. I took to our newly bought Paleo recipe book (Paleo breakfast and lunches to go) by Diana Rogers. In there I found a recipe for sweet potato apple cinnamon pancakes. It included mashed sweet potato, grated apple, cinnamon, 1 egg, salt and arrowroot powder. These turned out to be a amazing. I will be making these again next Sunday.


It has been a while…..whoops.

It has been a whole week since we have posted last. I don’t really know if this week has been any more busy than any other week, but Joelle and I felt like we didn’t have time to blog at all. Joelle has felt a little bit under the weather this week. I am thinking she has the standard cold. It hasn’t become a full blown cold but she has been battling some headaches, small sore throat and a runny nose. Call me crazy but I think her Paleo diet has something to do with her not getting a full blown cold. She was kind of mad because she has made it a full year without being sick. I am still going strong but I don’t want to jinx it. Both Joelle and I have talked before about how we used to get sick more frequently before Paleo and both of us agree that eating Paleo has made the difference. We very rarely get sick anymore. It is because we are putting the right fuel in our body for it to work and providing it with all the nutrients it needs to stay strong. I don’t know if I posted about this story yet but it is a good example of what a change in diet can do for you. So…Anyone that knows me knows that I have terrible allergies. I went for 4 years of allergy shots when I was younger. They barely even helped me. I used to get the worst stuffed noses. I was waking up in the middle of the night to blow my nose, some nights I could barely breath because my nose was so stuffed. Throughout the day I would be sneezing constantly. Joelle was at me for the longest time about how my oatmeal was the  cause of my terrible allergies (Oatmeal was the last grain I eliminated from my diet), to me though this was not an easy thing to do.  I used to love my oatmeal for breakfast. I used to do oatmeal on the stove top and then add peanut butter and cinnamon to it (sounds pretty damn good huh!). Finally I gave into Joelle’s advice and gave up my oatmeal.  We saw a lot of things for butternut squash purees. I would still get the same flavor I was used to but there would be no grain. So I switched to baked and then mashed butternut squash with cinnamon, coconut milk and pecans. Ever since this switch all of my allergy problems are gone. For 24 years of my life I dealt with these terrible allergies and you are telling me all I had to do was eliminate grain from my diet and my allergy problems would vanish. It truly has been amazing how my diet has relieved something I thought I would never get rid of.

Lets get to the main reason we are here, to talk about food. So Joelle and I are still going strong on this Paleo diet. It has become an easier process with this whole Paleo thing. Our food prep is down to a science and we are buying the exact amount of food we need each week. We have been doing very well at the grocery stores lately. Especially Wal-Mart, we have been ad matching there. As always, every meal from week to week is coming directly out of our kitchen.

Alright to the food. On Thursday night Joelle made buffalo chicken spaghetti (squash). We have made this recipe before we started the new year. It is very simple but very good. Here is the link to the recipe:


Along with the buffalo chicken pasta we made our standard stir fry of greens (kale, broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, zucchini) . In preparation for the weekend on Thursday night, I grilled up some chicken and salmon. On Friday night Joelle and I got home from the gym and just did the salmon I had grilled the other night with veggies. We kept it simple and to the point on Friday night because we are both usually pretty hungry on Fridays coming home from the gym. On Saturday night we really did the same thing. We did chicken that was grilled from Thursday night along with greens and our favorite carrot fries that we always make. We did have a couple of parsnips so I added those in the with carrots. It was another simple night because we had to eat quick before going to a house warming party for one of Joelle’s co-workers. I guess I should mention that Joelle did have a glass of red wine at the party. I don’t want to feel like I am telling on her but I am not mad about it. I don’t mind that she has a glass of red wine every once in a while. I mean technically they could of made wine back in the paleolithic era. It could be something worse but I do have to say her glass of red wine did look very delicious. For today we are doing a new recipe. This week at the store we got boneless beef short rib that was on sale for 3.99 a pound. With the beef short rib we are making a yellow curry dish. I found this recipe on nom nom paleo. Joelle and I decide our special dinners by what kind of meat is on sale that week at the store. It just so happen that this week the succulent beef short rib was on sale (this made me very excited). We decided on that and then I started doing some research for recipes. Joelle and I have not had curry in a while so this sounded like the perfect recipe. Joelle and I used to make a lot of red curry but have never made a yellow curry. Here is a link to the recipe if you want to try it:


I will post some pictures later on our dinner and what it looked like.

What a paleo food weekend!

Hey everyone sorry Joelle and I haven’t blogged lately. We have just been really busy. So with that, I am going to give you a weekend roundup in one “BIG” blog.

Starting with Friday. Joelle and I had our usual daily breakfast, snack and lunch as it was a workday. By the way, Valentine’s Day is the worst day to have school on. The kids at school for me that day were bonkers! I think they ate a little too much Valentine’s Day candy. So by the time I got to the end of the school day I was so relieved. I even called Joelle on the way to the gym trying to explain to her how crazy my day was. She was being a good ear to talk to and just letting me get everything out before I went into a big training day at the gym. It turned out to be a really good training session at the gym because I PR’d my backsquat by 15#. I then coached the 6 o’clock class at the gym and then went home for the night. Don’t forget about Joelle, she was chopping away in the kitchen on Friday doing all our food prep. Thank you babe, you truly are the best. Doing food prep by yourself is not a fun task. When we both got home from the gym we went right to dinner mode. We kept it simple and just did salmon and veggies. All we did was put a rub on the salmon fillets and grilled them 4 minutes each side on high heat. We did our usual stir fry of veggies and greens. We kept it simple because we knew on Saturday that we were going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day at Chama Gaucha (Brazilian Steakhouse).

Saturday morning was our usual routine but Joelle was up a little earlier due to the dogs that we were dog sitting. They were up and wanting to go out. After they came in from being outside they though it was play time and got a little loud. Joelle and I had breakfast and coffee together. We then both went to the gym. I coached, she worked out. After the class I got to workout. When I got home from the gym we had our usual lunch together. We both did a big salad with mushrooms, peppers (for me), tomato, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and chicken. Now it was time to get ready for dinner at Chama Gaucha.

Joelle and I got dressed up, take a look.


Here is a picture of Joelle’s plate at dinner. She had a combination of arugula, asparagus, couple slices of prosciutto, green bean salad, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli and artichokes. In the background you can see here meat plate with some top sirloin, bottom sirloin and I think her arm is blocking her choice of lamb chops.


This was my veggie plate. Just a complete mess of every vegetable available at the salad bar. I got a huge handful of arugula, splashed a little olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette on it, went for some yellow, red, and orange peppers, grabbed some broccoli, a bunch of artichokes, mushrooms, green bean salad, sun dried tomatoes and of course some slices of prosciutto.


Here is a picture of my meat plate, this was not all that I ate. This is just the top sirloin, bottom sirloin and two pork chops. I also got leg of lamb, beef rib, filet wrapped in bacon.


Both of us ate a good amount but we did scale back from our first time going there. The first time going there Joelle and I were so uncomfortable on the way home because we were so full. This time going home we were actually able to hold a conversation and jam to some group love (yes, we put in the group love cd (that joelle got me) and cranked up the volume and were screaming and singing). Yes we do this quite frequently when we go out for a date night.

For Sunday Joelle had to work all day. She was up at 5:45 and yes I got up with her so we can have our breakfast and coffee together. I told her I would earlier in the week just so we can have some more time together on the weekend. After Joelle left for work I got to work around the house. First things first, I went into the basement for about an hour and a half and did mobility and a 15 minute recovery row. After that, then I really got to work around the house.

I grilled our chicken for the week. Yep, we use that much chicken during the week. It is kind of a lot.


After that I made lunch for Joelle and I for us to have up at her work. Yep, I also told Joelle earlier in the week I would bring up coffee and lunch for us on Sunday just so we can have some more time together. I packed up our salads brought two coconut waters and stopped and got two coffees from Starbucks for us. Here is a tangent on the Starbucks part of the day. Of course I get stuck behind the car that is ordering up a shit ton of Starbucks. Each women got something from the bakery and both ordered venti iced mocha drinks with whip cream and caramel on top. They pretty much just got a mid afternoon dessert. I can’t stand those people at a Starbucks because I am just there to get black coffee. I keep the line moving. Joelle and I had a great lunch together. We were both starving and we smashed our salads. We drank our coffees and chatted for bit. Then I went home and started preparing our dinner. Joelle and I kind of usualyl do a nice dinner on Sundays and we try to do something that we normally wouldn’t do otherwise because we have some time. Also, I wanted to keep the Valentine’s Day weekend theme going and make Joelle a nice home made meal, since this is what we normally do on Valentine’s Day. Another tangent here. Joelle and I both feel like on Valentine’s Day more people stay at home and cook a nice dinner for each other. We usually do that, but since we haven’t been on a dinner date in a long time we decided to do the opposite. All we practically do is spend our time in the kitchen. Tonight’s menu was calling for a braised beef stew from Nom Nom Paleo, along with the brussel sprout recipe that Joelle posted about on Friday night, our favorite sliced carrots and our regular stir fry of greens.

Here is the link for the beef stew: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/2727452571/oven-braised-beef-stew-with-carrot-parsnip-an

Here is a picture of the lardons I made to put in the brussel sprouts.


Here is a picture of the carrots dusted in cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper and covered in coconut oil.


We used 4.5 lbs of chuck roast cut into 2 inch cubes.


Recipe calls for shallot, leeks, parsnips, carrots, celery, can of diced tomatoes, beef broth and apple cider vinegar. The best part about making a stew is you don’t need to chop everything up. You just rough chop it in big pieces.

20140217-185907.jpg     20140217-185913.jpg

A picture of the stew about 3 hours into cooking.


Final product of brussel spouts.


Final product of the beef stew.


Here is my veggie plate from dinner. You think I have enough greens.


Oh and here is a little pic from today. I didn’t have school today so I prepped my snacks, lunches and dinners for the next three nights. Call me crazy but my next three days are non stop. I am up at 5am and not home until 930. I won’t get into all of what occurs during those hours. Doing this prep makes my week a lot smoother and a little more time to relax at the end of the night.


Night Off!!

It is Thursday and Joelle and I are very happy. I’m sure for most of you, just like us, Monday through Thursday is a blur! Joelle and I are on the go constantly and the worst part is that we are separate when going through the beginning of our week. We barely see each other except for when I get home at 9:30pm from the gym and by then we are both so exhausted that we just want to go to bed. With that said, we always look forward to Thursday nights. Joelle has the “day off”. I put that in quotations because honestly there is never a day off. Joelle’s days has included getting up at 7a.m., eating her usual paleo breakfast, got laundry started (Thursday’s are our laundry days), made our lunches for tomorrow, put some chicken in a marinade, pulled salmon and grassfed beef out of the freezer to thaw for dinner, she is going to the gym at 9am for class, she then has a dentist appointment, after that she will be knocking out our grocery shopping for the week (Wal-Mart, Aldi) and by that time she will make her way home. By that time I should be home as well from the gym. For me I have a quick day at the gym. Thursdays are an active recovery day. I do a lot of mobility work, a warmup and work on some skills. After that I am home free and spending time with Joelle for the rest of the night. I told Joelle for tonight that I will cook dinner. She will get to sit back and relax. The salmon and grassfed beef that she pulled out earlier will be our options for dinner tonight. We will be sticking to the basics tonight with our sides. Our usual stir fry of greens along with some mashed sweet potato for me. For our protein tonight I am thinking stuffed burgers (sun dried tomato, onion, and mushroom) on the grill topped with some bacon, avocado and homemade sriracha. I will grill the salmon as well just in case Joelle wants something else. Today will be the first decent weather day that we have had in a while, so you know I will be out there grilling.
As far as our 365 day paleo adventure is concerned, it has been a huge success. Not only are Joelle and I hugely benefiting from it, but I feel like we have helped some other people out as well. I have had a few friends contact me and let me know that our blog has inspired them to start going Paleo. At our gym we have been able to help some other Paleo goers with new recipes to try. The best part of this whole experience is mentally and physically, this is the best we have both ever felt. I have told Joelle this before, I feel like we have an 8 cylinder engine and since the new year we are running on all 8 cylinders, all the time. We are so much more productive with our daily lives, we communicate better,we are more organized and truly appreciate all things that come to us. Honestly, I feel like we are still getting the normal highs and lows of everyday life but the lows don’t seem so low because our diet has prepared us to handle the challenges of life mentally and physically. Some may say that it would be crazy to think that diet can have that big of an impact on your life but don’t trash talk it until you have actually been there and experienced it for yourself. Food is fuel, and if your brain is running on the best fuel out there everyday then you will be functioning at your highest capability. I wish everyone could experience how we have been feeling but it is unfortunate there are many people out there who will never get to feel this and they will continue to refuse to change there ways just because they simply don’t want to change. Here is my last thing to say for today, if you are still contemplating whether or not you want to try Paleo, STOP THINKING! JUST DO IT!