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Day 3- Crockpot pulled pork chili

Hey everyone. Its Zach. Joelle and I had an interesting start to our day today. Currently, I’m still on my winter break from school but Joelle is back to work. So, me being the great boyfriend that I am, I get up with her at 6:20 am and make our breakfast and we both get on with our days. So why was the morning so interesting? We had the pleasure of waking up and finding that our power was out. So with a little creativity I had three candles lit in the kitchen providing me enough light and I used our candle lighter to get our stove going. There was no way in hell we were missing breakfast. That’s my favorite meal of the day. Then I thought about a huge dilemma. We might not have coffee! We grind our beans every morning so it is fresh. No power means no ground beans. If there is one thing Joelle and I must have each morning , it is definitely coffee. Then, right as breakfast was done cooking, like a message from god, our power flipped back on! That meant coffee. Whew! That was close.
So, for today I have something good cooking. I am trying a crockpot pulled pork chili. I got the recipe from paleomg. The recipe was very simple. Let’s think about it, anytime you get to use the crock pot it will probably be an easy recipe. We had four pounds of pork shoulder, throw some hot sauce on it, make the spice blend the recipe calls for and throw that on top of the pork. Add diced onion and red bell pepper along with diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Let it cook for 8-10 hours and that’s it. Joelle and I will definitely let you know how it turned out. I will tell you one thing, it smells fantastic.


Day 1

NY 2014


This is Joelle and Zach here! We decided over a few cocktails last night on New Year’s Eve that we should start a blog. It sounded like a good idea this morning when we woke up, so we went with it!

The inspiration for our blog is coming from a 30 Day Paleo Challenge at our Crossfit gym.We decided to take it to the next level and challenge ourselves to 365 days of a paleo lifestyle for all of 2014. During those 365 days, we will be posting about our daily lives, the struggle of maintaining a paleo lifestyle, pictures, videos, recipes, fails (we are human) and whatever else comes with the journey.

Goals for the Blog:

Our goal of this challenge is to encourage more people to eat paleo and live a paleo lifestyle, show the true struggle and commitment of this lifestyle, how to eat paleo on a budget, how food impacts our every day life and we would like to have a little fun along the way. Zach and I have made it a point for one of us to blog at least once a day.

Rules and Exceptions:

So we came up with a few rules that we will go by for the entire year. We do not have any “consequences” if we were to break these rules, but we feel we are pretty good people and can stick to our guns. We will be following Rob Wolf’s guidelines (for the most part) of the paleo diet.

  1. Eat only lean meats, fish, vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds
  2. Do not eat grains, dairy, legumes, wheat, sugar
  3. Must cook one new paleo recipe a week
  4. Once per month we can treat ourselves to a paleo-style dessert.
  5. Alcohol can only be consumed in moderation on special occasions (i.e. holidays, birthdays, vacations, weddings, Canoe-a-palooza :))

This is definitely going to be a tough challenge and will push us to our limits some days. We hope that you find inspiration in our story and with the crazy, hectic, fast-paced style of living today, there is still time to eat, cook and live a truly healthy lifestyle.