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Whole 30- Week 1 Complete

Hello there!

Zach and I have had a good start to our morning. It has been the first time in a few weeks where we don’t have anything going on today and can actually relax… and we love it that way!

Still rocking out the Whole 30 challenge. I have been feeling really good! It took my body a few days to get used to the 3 meals/day, but I finally feel like it is adjusting. I feel like my body is also running like a machine. For example, last night, we went to my best friends gender reveal party… (IT’S A GIRL, yay!).


Zach and I ate before we went (around 5pm) and headed to the party. I never got that feeling that I was extremely famished, but around 10 o’clock, my body was telling me it was time for bed. On the ride home, I was dozing a little and when we got home, I went straight to bed and fell asleep EASILY. Falling asleep has never been easy for me.

We got up this morning and made rutabaga skillets for breakfast. I decided to do an onion, spinach, asparagus and mushroom skillet. I sauteed the veggies first, added the rutabaga and then eggs.
I’m weird and like my eggs over hard, so I decided to crack the eggs in the same pan as the skillet and cover it until the yolks were hard. Here is the finished product. It went really great with coffee. 😉


Speaking of coffee- with Whole 30, they want you to cut back on your intake… which I have been doing. The other day, I had to drive 3 hours home from Indianapolis. It was around noon, and I was kind of feeling a dip in my energy level, so I decided to get a cup of coffee. I had been limiting my intake all week, but decided to enjoy just one cup of Starbucks. While drinking, it was the first time I felt negative impacts from a cup of coffee. I was feeling very anxious and I actually felt a little depressed after I finished the cup. It was so strange… I was feeling so many different (negative) emotions and I felt that I had no control over what I was feeling. I won’t be doing that again…

Tonight, Zach and I are going to be making paleo sweet potato nachos. This might be our best post yet, so stay tuned! 🙂

P.S. The cake pop in the picture, I did not eat… don’t worry. If I am cheating on this diet, it will be with something that will actually be worth it!


Day 1

NY 2014


This is Joelle and Zach here! We decided over a few cocktails last night on New Year’s Eve that we should start a blog. It sounded like a good idea this morning when we woke up, so we went with it!

The inspiration for our blog is coming from a 30 Day Paleo Challenge at our Crossfit gym.We decided to take it to the next level and challenge ourselves to 365 days of a paleo lifestyle for all of 2014. During those 365 days, we will be posting about our daily lives, the struggle of maintaining a paleo lifestyle, pictures, videos, recipes, fails (we are human) and whatever else comes with the journey.

Goals for the Blog:

Our goal of this challenge is to encourage more people to eat paleo and live a paleo lifestyle, show the true struggle and commitment of this lifestyle, how to eat paleo on a budget, how food impacts our every day life and we would like to have a little fun along the way. Zach and I have made it a point for one of us to blog at least once a day.

Rules and Exceptions:

So we came up with a few rules that we will go by for the entire year. We do not have any “consequences” if we were to break these rules, but we feel we are pretty good people and can stick to our guns. We will be following Rob Wolf’s guidelines (for the most part) of the paleo diet.

  1. Eat only lean meats, fish, vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds
  2. Do not eat grains, dairy, legumes, wheat, sugar
  3. Must cook one new paleo recipe a week
  4. Once per month we can treat ourselves to a paleo-style dessert.
  5. Alcohol can only be consumed in moderation on special occasions (i.e. holidays, birthdays, vacations, weddings, Canoe-a-palooza :))

This is definitely going to be a tough challenge and will push us to our limits some days. We hope that you find inspiration in our story and with the crazy, hectic, fast-paced style of living today, there is still time to eat, cook and live a truly healthy lifestyle.