Phoenix Recap

Zach and I are sitting in the Phoenix airport currently, reminiscing about the weekend. We were both saying how we usually are excited to get back home and get back into our normal routine after a vacation, but this time is different. We enjoyed the awesome weather, the beautiful scenery and some good paleo food. It is making it very hard to go back to the shitty midwest. And since we lived there our entire lives we can call it shitty. Every day was sunny and perfect and who wouldn’t want to be in a place where there are over 300 days of sunshine.

Saturday we got up suppper early (hadn’t adjusted to the time difference yet) and went to the Scottsdale farmers market. We both felt like it was made for us. They had organic everything- coffee, veggies, fruits, meat, seafood. You name it, they had it. They advertised to the paleo diet. We couldn’t believe it!


Zach and I picked up some veggies for our lunches and grass-fed bison jerky to snack on. After that, we decided to check out Cactus Crossfit and joined the local scottsdaleons in a wod. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and taking in some sun. We had dinner at Hula’s in olde town Scottsdale where they had some meals that could accommodate our diet. We were interested in the menu because they had a pacific island themed menu and it was a little different than anything we experienced before.

Sunday we got up ate breakfast and headed straight to Sedona. This was definitely the highlight of our trip. They had amazing rock formations and 360 views. Just awesome!


We did some hiking for the majority of the day and headed back to phoenix for dinner at 1130 the restaurant in downtown. There we had steaks! Zach got a NY strip and I got a filet. They offered broccoli and asparagus as sides. We also got mussels as an appetizer. Delish!

Today Zach got up and worked out while I stayed back and relaxed by the pool. We thought we would hike up Camelback Mountain because it was only about a mile and a half trail hike and wouldn’t take too long. Little did we know that it was a very steep and a challenging trail (at least for us). We made it up about half way and it took us about an hour. It was an awesome hike, but we didn’t really have time to hike all the way up. We still wanted to explore downtown Phoenix with the time that we had left. We headed to Cartel Coffee Lab, where they roast their own coffee beans and had a cup of Joe. We also ate our paleo packed lunch there :).


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