Whole 30 Challenge Anyone?

Good morning!
I’m headed to Detroit today for 3 days and hitting up Nashville this weekend with a friend. I still plan on sticking to the diet, but I will probably be having some beverages while I’m in Nashville.

I haven’t cheated yet with our diet, but I will say that I have been having larger portions. When you make food as good as Zach and I, it’s hard to portion control. I decided to keep myself motivated and challenged and I am going to do the whole 30 challenge starting Monday (the 24th).
I know I am going to need a little bit of a detox after Nashville and beach season is right around the corner. There are about 30 days until Zach and I go to Phoenix for Easter weekend so I will be doing the challenge during that time frame. Is anyone interested in doing it with me? I need some motivation!!! The whole 30 is completely paleo, but it focuses more on your overall health (I.e – sleeping, timing of meals and portion sizes). There are also no sweets or drinking in this challenge. I did it back in August last year and had some awesome success with it. It was very challenging and I have to give kudos to Zach because he had to deal with me and my crankiness from it. 😉

Let me know if you are interested!!! I would love to have people help me out with this challenge.


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