Paleo Emergency!!

I just have to tell all you guys about a little Paleo emergency that I experienced yesterday. As some of you may know I am “Zone/Paleo”. This means I follow a zone diet (all of my meals have to be balanced with carbs, protein and fats) and all my food sources are Paleo. So yesterday I get to my lunch period at school and I sit down to eat my normal salad. My source of protein in my salad is chicken. As I am forking through my salad I start to notice I have not had a single bite of chicken yet. Then it occurs to me that I forgot to put chicken in this salad. On Sundays I make all my snacks and lunches for Monday through Thursday. My beginning of the week is extremely crunched for time and this saves me a lot on the back end. Well as we were prepping on Sunday we ran short on chicken. I knew this and on Monday I grilled up extra chicken breast. I forgot one thing though, to add the chicken to the salad. So, what did I do…. I grabbed my salad, my wallet and my car keys and hit the road. There is a Culver’s near my school. I thought they have to have a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu. I ordered a grilled chicken breast plain with no bun. The girl thought I was crazy and asked, “you just want it plain?” After waiting 5-7 minutes I got a plain chicken breast and cut it up and dumped it into my salad. Whew, that was a close call.




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