We met Michelle Tam and Diana Rodgers

Hey all,
Happy St. Patty’s Day weekend! We are excited to make a paleo corned beef and cabbage dinner tomorrow. We found a recipe on Danielle Walker’s website (against all grain) for her paleo version. It called for a 4 day brine that we started on Thursday. I am very excited. We’re going to throw some parsnips, turnips, carrots, and cabbage in there. It will be going into the crockpot early tomorrow morning and torture us all day with the wonderful smells.

Today we got a chance to meet Michelle Tam (nom nom paleo author) and Diana Rodgers (paleo lunches and breakfast on the go author) in downtown Naperville at the Anderson bookstore. We had not heard much about Diana and her cookbook before going, but ended up buying her book and having a really nice convo with her. We got both authors to sign our cookbooks and got a pic with Michelle. It was cool to meet them, but we got to the signing kind of late and they seemed to be checked out.

Here is a pic from today:


We will be posting a nice long blog for our breakfast and dinner tomorrow, so stay tuned!



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