What a paleo food weekend!

Hey everyone sorry Joelle and I haven’t blogged lately. We have just been really busy. So with that, I am going to give you a weekend roundup in one “BIG” blog.

Starting with Friday. Joelle and I had our usual daily breakfast, snack and lunch as it was a workday. By the way, Valentine’s Day is the worst day to have school on. The kids at school for me that day were bonkers! I think they ate a little too much Valentine’s Day candy. So by the time I got to the end of the school day I was so relieved. I even called Joelle on the way to the gym trying to explain to her how crazy my day was. She was being a good ear to talk to and just letting me get everything out before I went into a big training day at the gym. It turned out to be a really good training session at the gym because I PR’d my backsquat by 15#. I then coached the 6 o’clock class at the gym and then went home for the night. Don’t forget about Joelle, she was chopping away in the kitchen on Friday doing all our food prep. Thank you babe, you truly are the best. Doing food prep by yourself is not a fun task. When we both got home from the gym we went right to dinner mode. We kept it simple and just did salmon and veggies. All we did was put a rub on the salmon fillets and grilled them 4 minutes each side on high heat. We did our usual stir fry of veggies and greens. We kept it simple because we knew on Saturday that we were going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day at Chama Gaucha (Brazilian Steakhouse).

Saturday morning was our usual routine but Joelle was up a little earlier due to the dogs that we were dog sitting. They were up and wanting to go out. After they came in from being outside they though it was play time and got a little loud. Joelle and I had breakfast and coffee together. We then both went to the gym. I coached, she worked out. After the class I got to workout. When I got home from the gym we had our usual lunch together. We both did a big salad with mushrooms, peppers (for me), tomato, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and chicken. Now it was time to get ready for dinner at Chama Gaucha.

Joelle and I got dressed up, take a look.


Here is a picture of Joelle’s plate at dinner. She had a combination of arugula, asparagus, couple slices of prosciutto, green bean salad, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli and artichokes. In the background you can see here meat plate with some top sirloin, bottom sirloin and I think her arm is blocking her choice of lamb chops.


This was my veggie plate. Just a complete mess of every vegetable available at the salad bar. I got a huge handful of arugula, splashed a little olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette on it, went for some yellow, red, and orange peppers, grabbed some broccoli, a bunch of artichokes, mushrooms, green bean salad, sun dried tomatoes and of course some slices of prosciutto.


Here is a picture of my meat plate, this was not all that I ate. This is just the top sirloin, bottom sirloin and two pork chops. I also got leg of lamb, beef rib, filet wrapped in bacon.


Both of us ate a good amount but we did scale back from our first time going there. The first time going there Joelle and I were so uncomfortable on the way home because we were so full. This time going home we were actually able to hold a conversation and jam to some group love (yes, we put in the group love cd (that joelle got me) and cranked up the volume and were screaming and singing). Yes we do this quite frequently when we go out for a date night.

For Sunday Joelle had to work all day. She was up at 5:45 and yes I got up with her so we can have our breakfast and coffee together. I told her I would earlier in the week just so we can have some more time together on the weekend. After Joelle left for work I got to work around the house. First things first, I went into the basement for about an hour and a half and did mobility and a 15 minute recovery row. After that, then I really got to work around the house.

I grilled our chicken for the week. Yep, we use that much chicken during the week. It is kind of a lot.


After that I made lunch for Joelle and I for us to have up at her work. Yep, I also told Joelle earlier in the week I would bring up coffee and lunch for us on Sunday just so we can have some more time together. I packed up our salads brought two coconut waters and stopped and got two coffees from Starbucks for us. Here is a tangent on the Starbucks part of the day. Of course I get stuck behind the car that is ordering up a shit ton of Starbucks. Each women got something from the bakery and both ordered venti iced mocha drinks with whip cream and caramel on top. They pretty much just got a mid afternoon dessert. I can’t stand those people at a Starbucks because I am just there to get black coffee. I keep the line moving. Joelle and I had a great lunch together. We were both starving and we smashed our salads. We drank our coffees and chatted for bit. Then I went home and started preparing our dinner. Joelle and I kind of usualyl do a nice dinner on Sundays and we try to do something that we normally wouldn’t do otherwise because we have some time. Also, I wanted to keep the Valentine’s Day weekend theme going and make Joelle a nice home made meal, since this is what we normally do on Valentine’s Day. Another tangent here. Joelle and I both feel like on Valentine’s Day more people stay at home and cook a nice dinner for each other. We usually do that, but since we haven’t been on a dinner date in a long time we decided to do the opposite. All we practically do is spend our time in the kitchen. Tonight’s menu was calling for a braised beef stew from Nom Nom Paleo, along with the brussel sprout recipe that Joelle posted about on Friday night, our favorite sliced carrots and our regular stir fry of greens.

Here is the link for the beef stew: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/2727452571/oven-braised-beef-stew-with-carrot-parsnip-an

Here is a picture of the lardons I made to put in the brussel sprouts.


Here is a picture of the carrots dusted in cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper and covered in coconut oil.


We used 4.5 lbs of chuck roast cut into 2 inch cubes.


Recipe calls for shallot, leeks, parsnips, carrots, celery, can of diced tomatoes, beef broth and apple cider vinegar. The best part about making a stew is you don’t need to chop everything up. You just rough chop it in big pieces.

20140217-185907.jpg     20140217-185913.jpg

A picture of the stew about 3 hours into cooking.


Final product of brussel spouts.


Final product of the beef stew.


Here is my veggie plate from dinner. You think I have enough greens.


Oh and here is a little pic from today. I didn’t have school today so I prepped my snacks, lunches and dinners for the next three nights. Call me crazy but my next three days are non stop. I am up at 5am and not home until 930. I won’t get into all of what occurs during those hours. Doing this prep makes my week a lot smoother and a little more time to relax at the end of the night.



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