Life Changing Brussel Sprouts

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

I received this lovely heart for breakfast yesterday morning:

Zach is great, isn’t he?! 🙂

So, this post is going to change your view on brussel sprouts, forever! Zach and I love brussel sprouts already, not only for their bitter cabbaggy taste, but they are a superfood that has plenty of vitamins and natural cancer fighting agents. The other night, we wanted to spruce up our boring sautéed sprouts with the recipe from the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook. It is called Cavolini Al Forno… no idea what that means, but I don’t care because it was fantastic.

There are a few things that go into it, so it took a little more time than your average sautéed veggies. First, I hard boiled eggs on the stove top and crisp up prosciutto in the oven.


While that was going, I made the olive oil mixture that goes on at the end. It included olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, minced shallots and salt and pepper. I whisked that together and set aside.


I threw the brussel sprouts and melted ghee in the oven at 375 (our oven sucks, so I had to crank it up a little more) for 30 minutes and took them out after they got a little crispy on the outside.


After those were out of the oven, I added the olive oil mixture to the brussel sprouts and topped it with the crispy prosciutto and crumbled hard boil eggs. I feel like it wasn’t that many ingredients that went into it, but the taste was amazing!


If you don’t like brussel sprouts, or have never tried them, I think this would be a great recipe to start with. I promise you will like these!


Tonight Zach and I are celebrating valentine’s day and treating ourselves to not cooking and going to a Brazilian Steakhouse called Chama Gaucha. This place is great because it is really easy to eat paleo. The last time we went was for Zach’s birthday and we overindulged causing us to get the meat sweats (haha). Hopefully, tonight we can keep it under control and enjoy a nice dinner out (for once)


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