Interesting start to our Monday

This morning, Zach woke me up at about 6am, informing me that we didn’t have any running water. He woke me in a calm, gentle way, but I was in panic. I was all of the sudden soooo thirsty, haha jk. I thought our pipes burst because of the freezing cold temps, but it turned out that the water main broke right outside of our house. The fire hydrant was spraying out water. It looked like we had a lake in front of our drive way. The water actually ran all the way down the block and froze instantly, causing a bit of a mess.

Luckily, Zach had put water in the kettle last night, so we had water for our coffee (… Can you tell we love coffee?) Unluckily for me, I was planning on taking a shower in the morning and had to pack a bag and shower at work. It didn’t really affect our paleo cooking, because we prepped the night before, but it could have if it would have been out for longer than a day. It could have seriously affected our hygiene as well..

So thankful the water is back on!



At the crack of dawn..oh and I hate winter


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