Pork and Bowling

It feels good to blog again. It has been a busy week for Joelle and I. We are back to our normal routine this weekend. We had the pleasure of having our friends Sam and Scott over. They go to our same Crossfit box. Like us Sam and Scott eat paleo. It is so much easier to prepare food for people who eat just like us . On the menu tonight was, our favorite thinly sliced carrots from WellFed that are baked in coconut oil, cumin, cinammon, salt and pepper. We also made sauteed neopolitan broccoli from Mario Batali cookbook. From Paleo OMG we made her pork chop recipe that has a onion, apple, shredded sweet potato and orange chutney. We served it first with a orange citrus vinaigrette spring mix salad. All of us sat down to a nice dinner and stuffed our paleo faces! After we cleaned up we then went to play the leisure sport of bowling. We went to the local bowling alley and played a couple of games. Our last game just consisted of different trick shots (between the legs, no fingers, opposite arm, etc.)



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