Vegas baby!

Good morning!
I am starting my week off a little differently this Monday. Im headed to Las Vegas today. Vegassss baby! Im pretty excited to get out of this frigid weather and hit up the casinos. I’m going for a conference for work, so I probably won’t get to enjoy the weather too much, but im still excited.

I will say that yesterday, superbowl sunday, ( I am only mentioning because I think the Broncos forgot) was the hardest day so far this year. We went to a party at zach’s brothers. They had a plethora of chips, dips, wheat, cheese, grains, that we could not eat. I love eating tortilla chips and guacamole/salsa, so I was very tempted to indulge… but I didn’t. Go me! We made an appetizer that we could eat and a there were a few other things that we could have, so I stuck to that.

We made sweet potato skins from They had a buffalo-style chicken, bacon, mashed sweet potato with an avocado spread. I will say they were pretty spectacular,  but they didn’t look the prettiest. I decorated them to look like footballs with the avocado spread.

Paleo table…


Not so paleo table…


Broncos choked…


Well I am sure zach and I will keep you updated through out the week. Ill be eating clean in Vegas! Wish me luck at the casino 🙂



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