Homemade Paleo Chinese Take Out

Hey there. So it is Saturday night and Joelle and I finally have some time to relax. Today was definitely one of our more recent relaxing days/evening. Usually we have something going on and there is no sitting around that day. Today we got up and had our usual breakfast(zach= sweet potato puree with coconut milk, pecans and cinnamon and eggs over medium. joelle= eggs over hard and stir-fried greens) while watching the news and drinking coffee together. Then we went to the gym and I coached the class while Joelle participated in it. After the class was over I got my training in. When I got home we decided to go on a coffee date to our local Starbucks. We each got a coffee and I graded papers for school and Joelle was surfing the web. When we got back from that I shoveled the driveway and Joelle started cooking in the kitchen. Tonight we are making “Char Siu” out of the WellFed Cookbook. It is a Korean BBQ Pork dish (We have done this one before and it is unreal). On the side Joelle is making cauliflower fried rice with some egg and veggies in it (Joelle makes a good cauliflower fried rice and tonight she is throwing together her own recipe). We will also have some extra stir fried greens on the side. Can never have too much green vegetables! I also made some homemade sriracha earlier in the day to put on the cauliflower rice. I told Joelle while eating, ” I feel like I am eating fancy Chinese take out food right now” (it tasted like pork fried rice). Take a look at it. This one comes highly recommended.






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