Busy Week… Again

Hey all,

Sorry it has been a while since we have posted. It has been another busy week (surprise,surprise…). I will let you know a little bit about my week and my paleo challenges, and I will have Zach post later on today for what we have going on for dinner.

Tuesday: At work, my HR team does a potluck every month. When this happens, I usually bring something that I cannot eat, because I feel like no one else eats like me or would like my food. After getting some of the cookbooks for Xmas, I found a few appetizer dishes that I thought others would like. I made bacon-wrapped pears and pineapple. It was a hit! Who doesn’t love themselves a little bacon though? My team also tried to accommodate my diet and had some options that I could actually eat… what a great HR team 🙂

Wednesday:For dinner I went out with some friends from college. We ate at Front Street Cantina in downtown Naperville. It wasn’t hard to find a paleo option there, but the chips and margaritas were a little tempting. I got a salad and did salsa and guacamole as my dressing. My friends were supportive of my diet and wanted me to pick a place that would be easy for me to eat.

Thursday: Zach and I decided to get our grocery shopping done and run a few errands after work and the gym. We had our dinners packed because we didn’t know how long it would take us and would probably get hungry. Our containers had our usual (chicken, lots of green veggies, mashed sweet potatoes for Zach, and cashews).

Yesterday: After work and the gym, Zach and I came back and cooked some salmon on the grill and made a veggie stir fry. A simple easy dinner. We decided to do our food prep last night because this weekend we have some plans with friends and wanted to get it out of the way.

Today/Tonight: it is snowing like crazy and we are under a Winter Storm Warning until 6PM. My best friend, Ellyn is coming out tonight for dinner and we have something good for her. A post will come later on this 😉 Oh and superbowl tomorrow!!!! Go Broncos! We are making a good paleo recipe for the superbowl party we are going to post also. We are crockpottin’ it up like the rest of America, but probably a little healthier.

I don’t have any pictures of food from this week, but I did take a picture of our front yard this morning with the snow that has already covered EVERYTHING!




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