Hey whats going on everyone. It’s Zach and I am currently sitting in my candle lit living room right now. We lost power about 10 mins ago. So I have lit all the candles that we have in the house and placed them in different rooms. Picture that, me sitting in a candle lit room just blogging about my day. We have also got a lot of different smells going on right now. What I was in the middle of when the power went out was making seasoned carrot fries. This is our new kick! We cannot get enough of these things. I think we posted the recipe last week. All you do is take a mandalan slicer to a whole bag of carrots, add melted coconut oil, cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper. Toss them all together, throw them on a cookie sheet and throw them in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. So simple and they taste amazing. So there I was in the kitchen with the power out, dim lit candles and me mixing up carrot fries. Now all I am waiting for is the power to come back on so I can throw those babies in the oven. We are also eating salmon with dinner that I grilled last night since I knew it was going to be so cold out today. For our salmon we usually just give them a little rub with some olive oil and then sprinkle them with a pre-made seasoning, we have a couple of choices. Last but not least, veggies! Joelle and I love our veggies. Anytime we make vegetables we do it in our big wok. We throw all of our different vegetables in there that we have already chopped up in our prep. I let them stir fry until soft and that’s it. Tonight, I would call this a back to the basics dinner after last night when Joelle and I smashed those Elvis burgers (if you didn’t read about that, check it out).



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