Elvis Burger!!

I had to post this today because my mind was just blown a few minutes ago. Joelle and I knew we were doing burgers tonight but we just didn’t know which kind. This afternoon Joelle was hard at work at the kitchen table researching some possible burger recipes. Then she came upon a burger recipe from Well Fed 2 called the “Elvis” burger. The recipe included a burger, sunflower butter, bacon bits and bananas (sauteed with bacon fat and powdered ginger). To us that sounded like an amazing idea. On a side note my grilling skills have been below my usual high standards. Joelle has pointed this out to me numerous times lately. So I was determined tonight to cook the perfect medium rare burger for her. I told her I would stand out in the cold tonight just to make sure the burger gets cooked perfect. Lately I have been coming inside between flips because it is so cold out and with that sometimes that food gets cooked longer than I would like. So there I was in the kitchen with a big winter coat on, boots on, gloves on, hood up with a plate of burgers in one hand and a spatula in the other hand. After a grueling ten minutes outside I came in with the perfect cook burgers. Joelle and I assembled our burgers with patty on the bottom, sunflower butter on top, with banana slices and bacon bits. We also put some veggies and greens on our plate and then began to attack. Hands down the best burger I have ever made.



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