Saturday/Sunday Meals

Happy Sunday Funday!

We are a little behind with what has been going on in our kitchen the past few days. I will combine our Saturday and Sunday meals in one post. Yesterday, Zach was kind enough to food prep by himself while I was at work. He spent the entire afternoon chopping a weeks worth of vegetables, cooking sweet potatos, chicken breasts and thighs, a fritatta, and roasting almonds… oh all while cooking a delicious spare rib dinner for later that night. It took him a good 2 hours slaving away, but we are prepared for this upcoming week!

We had his mom and sister over for dinner last night and had (Nom Nom Paleo’s) Korean spare ribs that cooked in the crock pot all day, (Well-Fed) cumin-coated carrots and a Batali’s neapolitan broccoli recipe We all enjoyed and even had leftovers. When the ribs cook all day, they fall off the bone and are extremely tender. It was a good recipe to use for guests because there wasn’t much prep and you could enjoy your guest company.  Here’s the recipe:

At about 7 this morning, Zach and I were both thinking about food (surprise, surprise…) and decided to continue with the crock pot theme and make a pork chili that would pair nicely with the football games today. Before even having coffee, we put the pork shoulder and all the other ingredients in the crock pot and got it cooking. We used the recipe from Paleo OMG This is another keeper, even though I don’t think we have made anything we haven’t liked yet. We had it a few times throughout the day and have tons of leftovers for the week.

I will say, I have been feeling great with the way we are eating. My energy levels are good, I am sleeping through the night, and I feel overall better. With the recipes being so good, I have actually been gaining weight. It just goes to show that even if you are eating the right kind of food, portion control is important. Zach’s portions are much MUCH larger than mine, but sometimes I think I can eat as much as him.


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