Hey Hey Hey, Joelle and I missed blogging the past two days. So I am going to bring you what went on Friday and then Joelle is going to follow up with what happened on Saturday. So on Friday we made a little change to our regular schedule. I coach a 6 pm class at our gym and then I am done for the night. We usually head home and relax for the rest of the night after a long week. Well we were “go-getters” this week. Lately, I just cannot stand going to the grocery store on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It has just been way to busy. So a perfect way to not deal with the crowds was to go on Friday night. After I was done at the gym we opened up our packed dinners, heated them up in the microwave and had dinner for two at our gym. (for those that know we sat at the red table in front, how romantic, lol). After we ate, we were on a mission to get our grocery shopping finished. We have started price matching at Wal-Mart by using the local sale ads each week. It is really an easy process. Just make sure at check out your stuff is organized, have your ads out and let the cashier now which things you are price matching. Some big purchases at Wal-Mart were pork spare ribs, chicken thighs and eggs. We price matched each of those. After Wal-Mart it was off to Sam’s club before they closed at 8:30. I though that was pretty early. We got into Sam’s at 8:25. Yes we were those people. Sorry Sam’s club employees. We just needed 3 things at Sam’s. We got a pack of chicken breasts, 3lb bag of almonds and 2 lbs of pecans. We definitely saved money buying those things in bigger sizes. The last and final stop was Aldi. They closed at 9pm. We scooted in the door at Aldi at 8:40pm. We power shopped our way through Aldi and were done before 9pm.
Even though we did not get home until after 9pm, it was well worth it. No crowds and no lines. When we got home we unloaded our loot. We put our chicken in a marinade. I cut the ribs down to smaller sections for dinner on Saturday night. Joelle then made the marinade for the ribs as well. When all was said and done it was 9:50pm. This might have to become a regular thing for us because it was really that much easier shopping on a Friday night.
Don’t go any whwere though, Joelle is got a good post coming up about Saturday. A lot of food prep and recipes were made on Saturday. We will let you know how everything went. Oh and we had some family members over for dinner.
Here is a picture of our take home when we got back from grocery shopping. All of our stuff on our kitchen table. wpid-IMG_20140117_210553.jpg


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