A Friday that felt like a Monday

Hey it’s Zach. Man, what a day. Usually I look forward to Fridays because it is the end of the week and I am looking forward to the weekend, but holy cow, what a day. So I have been getting up at 5am now to do mobility work and some recovery rowing in my basement to get my day started. I have the Crossfit Open coming up at the end of February and need to take extra care of myself and I am recently coming off a back injury and want to make sure I stay healthy. Then I had my only meal at home, breakfast. I haven’t been home since and I still haven’t. I feel like sometimes people search for that excuse to get off the paleo train. For me there is never an excuse. As long as I am prepared ahead of time there will be no meltdowns. So as usual I had my entire day of meals packed in my 6 different plastic containers. Honestly, when I stay on track it keeps me in a better mood. I know if I let myself slip I would just be mad at myself. From school I went to the gym to train, I then coached a class after that and now I am currently at my nephews birthday party.
One piece of advice. If you are doing a paleo challenge or going to 100% paleo, let as many people know as possible. The more of your family and friends that know, the more supportive they will be. A week earlier, before this birthday party, my sister called me to let me know what kind of food she would be having for the party. She made sure that there would be at least one thing that I could eat. Now that is what family is all about. I loved that. So don’t be shy about your paleo lifestyle. Let as many people know as possible. They will support you.
Here is a picture of the birthday cake. Yea, this is my favorite cake. My mom makes it for everyone’s birthday. It’s a simple Texas sheet cake but it is the best. Yes I could break down and have a piece but I have a bigger goal in mind. At the end of this challenge I will have the opportunity to have a piece of that.



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