Back to the grind!

Hey it’s Zach. Sorry about no post yesterday. The day turned out to be a lot more busy than I had thought.
So my Winter break from school is over. We had an extended two days because of the bad weather. I will take it. So we are on day 8 into the new year and both Joelle and myself are still 100% paleo. Really for me it has not been too difficult. I am pretty regimented in my ways and I don’t like to get off the path once I’m on it. Joelle is rock solid too. I am so proud of her when she had to travel this past weekend. For most that is when they break down because the convenience factor is not there anymore. The food is not just sitting in the fridge ready for you to grab. In order to eat paleo while on the road it requires effort. Joelle definitely put some effort in while in Tennessee. If you didn’t read her post from that, check it out.
I do like being back to school because it puts me in my normal routine. I have all of my meals packed the night before so this morning all I had to do was grab and go. It’s a long day for me. The only meal I will eat at home is breakfast. Everything else I will have to eat either at school or at the gym. Right after school I will go to the gym and train and then at 6 o’clock I start coaching classes at the gym. So I have packed with me my mid-morning snack, lunch, late afternoon snack, and dinner. I feel like a loser sometimes because I have so many plastic containers with me but hey that’s what you have to do if you want to stick to paleo.
Either tonight or tomorrow I will be posting some tips to cooking paleo. I have a lot of stuff that I have documented in the kitchen while I was on break. Thursdays are my night off from the gym so Joelle and I will be trying out a new recipe. Look for that post on Thursday night. We will definitely have something good in store for you to try.


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