Traveling on Paleo

This is Joelle blogging from Nashville. I am traveling for work and got stuck down here because of the crazy weather in Chicago. They really can’t fly planes in -20 degree weather these days?

They told me that I wouldn’t be able to get out of here until Thursday either… I cancelled that flight and hopefully I will be out of here around 1pm tomorrow. What I found while traveling is that eating paleo isn’t that easy. I expected there to be tons of options and when you are really eating clean you have to be careful of how restaurants are preparing you’re food. I find that salads are the easiest because I tell them to hold whatever cheese they will be loading on there and make sure there are lean meats and good veggies. I always request olive oil and vinegar for the dressing. So lunch and dinner are usually pretty easy.

Breakfast while traveling was surprisingly not very easy. I was very rushed this morning and didn’t know the area at all. The hotel did not offer continental breakfast and the cafe (they claimed brewed Starbucks) had only pastries filled with gluten and junk surrounded by grains. I decided I had to get creative….very creative ;-).

I stopped at the local whole foods for dinner the night before and found some hard boiled eggs and vegetables. I thought I saw a fridge at the hotel and I thought “great I can just eat this for breakfast tomorrow, easy! ” I got back to my hotel and realized there was no fridge. I didn’t want the food to go to waste, so improvised a bit.  I filled the ice bucket with ice and used the plastic bag for the ice to put my food in. I layed that puppy right over the ice and it stayed cold all night. I didn’t get to eat the veggies warm,  but they still tasted good in the AM.

My advice if you are traveling and are trying to eat paleo
1. Book a hotel that offers a continental breakfast- they usually have hb eggs and bacon.
2. Book a hotel with mini fridge available. If you go out to dinner and have leftovers,  that can always be breakfast or lunch for the next day
3. If you are driving to your destination,  bring a cooler with as much paleo goodies as you can. Plan meals out and pack them up
4. Do some research on the area around your travel destination. If you have specific places that where can find paleo-friendly meals, you won’t have to worry once you arrive.
5. Stick to your guns. Its easy to get away from your diet when you are around other non-paleo people. They probably don’t understand your diet and will try to pressure you to eat/drink poorly. Don’t give in!

Here is a picture of my homemade mini fridge… lol

Thanks for reading!


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