Meatza, meatza

Good evening!

This is Joelle here. Zach and I tried a new recipe tonight from the lovely cookbook of Well Fed. We tried ourselves a little meatza ☺. It is basically pizza, but instead of a crust, we made a meat crust out of ground lamb. We then added a homemade sauce and topped with some delicious veggies. For our veggies we used mushrooms, artichoke, black olive, and red pepper. It turned out really good and I was surprised how much I liked it. The awesome thing about the meatza is that it is just like a regular pizza; you can change the type of meat you use for your crust, the sauce can be made however you like, and the possibilities for toppings are endless!

We have always been pizza lovers. In fact, in college Zach and I had a tradition to order pizza EVERY Sunday, and most of the time it was deep dish! We didn’t just have a few pieces, we mogged. I also worked at the famous Giordano’s for a short period during college and put on about 10 lbs(…Yeaa I ate a lot of the mess-ups). It just goes to show how much we enjoyed pizza and indulged. This was a great paleo alternative if you love pizza as much as we do.

We took a few pictures of the meatza process








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